Visnor- City of the Shunned

Ancient Ruins at the foot of the Firefall Mountains



Most of Midsea believes Visnor’s existence predates even the Elves. To the unenlightened Visnor’s ruined walls and strange gate have stood forever, and therein lies its complicated curse.

When the adventurers entered the Toppled Temple for the second time they found the Lich Agathour who told them about the true origins of Visnor.

During the end of the Elven Empire the human wizards of Visnor began to break free of their overlords. Visnor had begun as a small city on the edge of the Empire. It had been in existence for only 200 years but their war mages could set a fleet of ships on fire or destroy city walls with a wave of their hands.

Even the Elven Empire’s Red Crowned King felt concern and he readied his armies for attack.

The Wizards of Visnor decided to protect themselves by delving into cosmic forces. They reached out to the spaces between the stars and tied themselves to Infinite Time itself. This caused the city to quake, tearing down its walls, save for its gate, which glowed and offered an entrance to a separate existence. Then a world-shaking earthquake occurred which caused the mountain range west of Visnor to erupt into volcanoes, forming the Firefall Mountains.


All of the sudden Visnor, a human city of only a few hundred years, became a city that always existed. It wove itself into the time stream and into all of Midsea’s history. Any who walked through its gates could not leave. All its people would never die and never truly live because they always existed in an unreachable past. The Wizards’ of Visnor had both saved and destroyed their beloved city.

Only those of great power like Agathour, the High Pontifex of the Elven Empire and the Red Crowned King realized that their history had been rewritten.

They decided that if humanity was capable of world altering magic then something must be done. So started the events that led to the summoning of the Blind God.

It would not be until five centuries later that Bettina, Cleric for the Conservators of Time, would gain entry to Visnor, becoming the first mortal to ever enter and leave alive. She has yet to tell anyone what she saw.

Recently a cave with Visnorian Glyphs was uncovered during a mudslide in the City of Bex. A group of off-world adventurers, hired by Alexandra the Summoner (an Inner Circle Mage), has entered the cave.

Another group of Off-Worlders; Kona the Truthseeker, Raymond Hellhand, Amand the Lucky and Sir Gavin of the Talking Sword and Whispering Shield entered Visnor with Bettina and slew the Lich Agathour. By doing so they may have altered Time or caused an alternate Midsea to come into existence.

Recently the tail end volcano of the Firefall Mountains erupted, putting Freeport of Raventon the city in danger.

“Fireball” Felix, Faeron the Dawnbringer, Valanthe the Druid and GFoot the Archer and are all fighting to keep the lava out of the City.


Visnor- City of the Shunned

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