The Tome of Time

golden paged book from Visnor



The Tome of Time, sometimes called the Golden Book of Visnor, never stays too long with one reader. It’s six pages hold six gifts. After the last page is read it disappears and is found at least a hundred years later.

Being one of the few relics of that strange city it is much sought after. Many wizards have wasted their lives looking for it. The few that found it became legends. It is supposedly part of a set of three books but no one has found the other two. It is said if one can figure out what the conjurers on the front cover are carrying the location of the other books could be found. What powers they possess are only hinted at.

The Tome is made of gold, with a brass binding that also acts as a handle. It was first found in the City of Bex. This gave rise to a rumor that the City of Bex and the City of Visnor share some secret link. Only the Ash River Sage knows for sure.

Felix found that the first page gave him an insight into a future event. The second page will let him see one event that occurred a century ago. The third page gave him the path to what he most wanted.

Three more pages remain…

Recently Turibell obtained the second volume in Bex.

The Third is said to be hidden in the Library of Freeport.


The Tome of Time

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