Goblet of Visnor

Red Goblet found on Goblin War Galley



The adventurers watched the words crawl across the table, climb up the cup and fill the red glowing goblet with a black liquid. Its surface shone like a dark pearl. The iron bound book, which unlocked in the presence of the goblet and let the words slide off its pages, shut. Its keyless hasp locked again.

Cedric, his small hands shaking, reached for the glass. Jorge, the young necromancer, told the gnome to hold off. Then, to the surprise of the party, Jorge picked up the goblet and looked inside. He briefly saw his own reflection and then, as if some of sentences stirred in the inky depths, another face briefly emerged. This one was a older, bald, with a beard and bright eyes. Then Jorge’s own reflection merged with it.

He drank from the goblet. The party saw his eyes briefly change from blue to brown. Grinchoel noticed that Garga looked at Jorge with recognition but then saw her discount it. Logan, being new to Midsea and the party, watched carefully from beneath his cowl.

The adventurers had recovered the goblet on the captured Goblin War Galley, after they’d freed Bettina and driven off Klegg. Faeron found it inside a chest in Klegg’s cabin. When they retired to the Mad Minotaur after their fight with the Hellborn Hobgoblin General, the goblet had started to glow and seemed drawn to the strange iron guilt tome they found upstairs.

Jorge began to see Midsea differently after he drank from the red goblet. The unfamiliar world now seemed to hold half-forgotten memories. Déjà vu became a daily occurrence. He could now cast certain spells he had never learned and seemed to see Garga as a daughter who needed protection. He looked at Larsa, Garga’s mother, with the complex feelings of someone whom he shared a long and turbulent history.

The most troubling memory was one of Klegg killing him and stealing the goblet. He knew somehow that the goblet had come from Visnor, the City of the Shunned. The young necromancer who raised dead bodies to do his bidding now had the memories of someone who had died. It was none other than the former owner of the Mad Minotaur Tavern, the retired adventurer and famous Midsea wizard, Marcus Redhand.


Goblet of Visnor

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