Al Baku

City in SarcanTheocracy



Al Baku (Sea Port City with an overlooking castle) Population 25,000 within city limits, 1,000 inside Castle Al Baku,
Human 60%, Halflings 10%, Half-Orcs 10%, Dwarves 10%, Gnomes 5%, Tieflings 3%, Elves 2%.
Notable Imports: Ore, grain, timber, and exotic goods from all lands.
Notable Exports: Rice, Wine, oranges, olive oil, wool, arms, cloth, furnishings, leather goods, famous red clay pottery, refined scarlet metals, magical creations and all other sorts of finished goods.

Al Baku enjoys mild winter temperatures, hot summers, and little rain. Due to the influence of the sea, the temperature rarely varies. The winters are mild and summers are hot.

This is a semi-arid climate with an average amount of rainfall. Nine Month and Ten Month are the wettest months due to torrential rain caused by the Cold Clutch, a weather phenomenon often occurring in the autumn. It is experienced particularly along the eastern Midsea along the Goblin Coast. It is associated with extremely violent downpours and storms, but not always accompanied by significant rainfall.

Government- Ruled by Sarcan Theocracy. They are a Satrap of a relatively tolerant Religious Meritocracy. The rulers worship the Lords of Law and must pass tests of learning and achievement to advance in rank. They govern by the Codex, a series of laws written by the high Vientadona over 300 years ago. It allows freedom of religion, speech and most trade but with strict restrictions on crime, civil disobedience, travel and dietary standards.

The Lords of Law are based around the five perfect forms; tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and Icosahedron. Small villages have tetrahedron temple, towns a cube, cities octahedron, the capital a dodecahedron and an invisible icosahedron is said to surround the world.

The Satrap Mellissandra’s formal title is Octahedra.


Al Baku is built on the ruins of an old Elven City destroyed by the Blind God 500 years ago. A few hundred years ago a coast hugging clan of humans fleeing the Curse of Visnor settled and formed a fishing village. This village joined with local halfling rice and orange farmers and so Al Baku began to grow.

Al Baku joined the Sarcan Empire without a fight over 150 years ago as a way to protect themselves from raiding pirates and scavenging hobgoblins. The first Satrap rebuilt the castle and began building the long quay for trading ships and as a berth for the Sarcan Navay. Being on the coast and under Sarcan protection they gained good trade with many other Midsea cities but it is their almost monopoly on trade with the inland river city Elvenport that makes them special.

Al Baku

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