Cedric Coinraker’s Secret POSCo Surveillance Report # 45

(Report by bribed Coffee merchant Martel)

(This was pieced together from various sources by bribed coffee merchant Martel…may not be entirely accurate or complete. More spies could be needed…if costs allow.)

It was morning in Alexandra’s Penthouse when a terrible event occurred, Sen the monstrous purple skinned Chamberlain was late with the coffee! Bex coffee, famous throughout Midsea, is ground from beans of the Spellstruck Farms. It’s magical qualities grant amazing clarity before sunrise and have a slight cinnamon taste.

Painter, Druid of the Underdark, made his displeasure known about the coffee causing Alexandra to order Sen to jump from her penthouse. (Painter also mentioned Sen’s involvement in Alexandra’s kidnapping). Logan the Shadow-Cursed, stealthy in all he does, overheard this interaction and stopped Sen from certain death and ensured coffee would be made and served later that morning.

During this crisis Greysworn the Monk arrived and was confronted by Felix who wanted to know where he had been. Greysworn replied he had gotten a cough and went to be cured by the Gnarl wise-woman Jonti. Felix seemed suspicious but desisted when the talk turned to coffee. Martin (disguised as knight) went off to search the Penthouse.

Jorge during this time began his day as he always did, reading his tomes and wondering how to increase the amount of skeletons in his retinue. Sir Gavin and Kona the Paladin conferred about the strange predicament they were in with the members of POSCo and their informal arrangement with Cedric Coinraker and Alexandra. (POSCo’s four hundred gold debt to Cedric may have been discussed.) Kona kept noticing the shadow attached to Logan (who is known to her and most others as Angel) and remained on her guard. Her questions to Logan were deflected in his normal manner.

Kona was then called into Alexandra’s bedroom where she said, “You are a Paladin and can afford to have principles, I warn you I have to bring Bex out of this destructive alliance with the Hegemon and cannot let such things tie my hands. I have magical weapons for both you and your friend Sir Gavin if you work with me to break the city free of them.” She then asked Kona to bring Jorge to her side.

Kona went to visit Jorge but the Meddler appeared just as she entered Jorge’s room. The Meddler told them of Alexandra’s plan to put one of the off-worlder wizards in as replacement for the Inner Circle mage they had slain. He then left two red velvet gloves in the room, briefly blinding Jorge when he saw the Meddler’s silver hued hands.

Greysworn, ever vigilant, noticed this and tried to stop the Meddler but was magically stunned when he touched him. Sir Gavin caught Greysworn before he fell to his death at the ledge around the Penthouse. He and Kona brought Greysworn inside. The Meddler then disappeared.

Felix, ever curious, went into Alexandra’s study with Greysworn and discovered a man sized, two hundred pound scroll made of Red Dragon hide with one roller made of gold and the other roller made of silver. He determined through his arcane knowledge it was written by some kind of gigantic beings who probably existed before even Elvenkind. Flummoxed he could not lift the scroll Felix quickly went back to his spell books to study up on Telekinesis.

Then coffee arrived and there was great rejoicing, although Painter reminded Sen that breakfast was a bit late. Sen lumbered back downstairs to the kitchen grumbling.

Felix, fortified by caffeine and ready with a spell, entered the study. He brought down the human sized scroll and unrolled it with the magic of Telekinesis. Knowledge of the Chthonic Ones flooded Felix’s mind, imbuing him with arcane secrets. It also briefly made him have the insane notion that everyone else had this secret knowledge too and he quickly went about the Penthouse confronting everyone, even threatening to burn one of Jorge’s spellbooks!

Alexandra, sensing her scroll being read ran out of her room. Still weak from her kidnapping, she collapsed and was carried back to her bed.. Her door was closed and shimmed it shut, so she would not order anyone else to their death before breakfast was served.

The enigmatic Bettina arrived, introduced by Sen in his booming voice. During her conversation with the adventurers she made a startling time-twisted statement to the adventurers, “I’ve met you all before, when we strove against these terrible powers and I must say…you were all very brave. I hope this time it turns out differently.” She then started to leave but Painter stopped her. She chose to forgo her normal morning tea for the newly arrived steaming coffee-service.

Then breakfast was served along with an attack by 40-foot lizards from the Gnarlbone Mountains! They climbed Alexander’s Tower with ease, breaking windows with their claws. Both Sir Gavin and Kona defended the tower, with Logan and Greysworn joining after moving Alexandra to safety. Logan’s strange Shadow showed another hitherto unknown power by extending his reach so he could attack with his spinning short swords.

Painter and Felix conferred over coffee, offering encouragement to those fighting the lizards. (There may have been more cream from the Flying Cows of Bex added to the coffee but reliable intelligence concerning sugar intake is sketchy at best.) Martin stayed in his room, after talking with his patron, who encouraged him to go to the mountain cave where the lizards came from.

The lizards were defeated and then Alexandra was let out of her room. (It should be noted Sen quickly inquired to the wounded warriors if they needed more coffee.) Alexandra demanded that everyone meet in the Great Room. She was chagrined to find that Jorge and Martin had both left. Jorge was going to the Conjurors Crypt for more skeletons and Martin was going to the caves in the Gnarlbone Mountains.

Alexandra stated she wanted one of the wizards to compete in the deadly Crypt Ceremony for a spot as an Inner Circle Mage. Felix bravely volunteered Jorge and everyone agreed since Jorge was absent and could not vote. (The street urchin assigned to following Jorge noticed that the Necromancer stopped at the block that Marcus Redhand destroyed with lightning almost two decades ago.)

Sometime later Felix and Greysworn left on the back of a Hippogriff. They later returned with Greysworn carrying a magical spear. (There are reports of a hippogriff landing at Tower Jonn.) Martin never returned to the penthouse and his whereabouts were unknown. Logan seemed to disappear also and then appeared with a sheet of music. Painter then played the song and from all reports it sounded like a sea shanty of some sort.

All of the party then left the Penthouse. It is general knowledge that Jorge was elected to the Inner Circle. (The beings he summoned during his ceremony have caused lots of consternation with the mages. Morgan, one of the Outer Circle Mages who ran against him for the Inner Circle, said, “He summoned the dangerous fey Princess Felicity and an unknown fiend by making a general request in his spells! He is too irresponsible to be a mage of the Inner Circle!”)

When the Outer Circle mages went out to proclaim that there was a newly installed fellow oligarch the Hegemon himself sailed into the harbor on his frigate with some pirate ships disrupting the city! (It is hoped this will not affect coffee exports.)



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