Beginning of Saturday, August 22 Adventure

2nd Post

You are in Bex, City of the Magic Towers, a spellbound tropical metropolis on the Goblin Coast. Bex is bordered on the East by sprawling red sand beaches, on the North by the thickly wooded Enchanted Orchard and on the South by the self-harvesting Spellstruck Farms. It all backs up to the Gnarlbone Mountains.

The city is replete with exotic cinnamon like smells from the countess small magic shops smoking with alchemical brews. They’re many scriveners throughout the madly winding streets specializing in enchanting magic scrolls and copying books about arcane lore.

Overlooking the city is an 800-cubit lighthouse called the Torch Eternal, which continually spouts flames from the Elemental Plane of Fire. Much of Midsea’s magical items are crafted in this tower, just like most of its magical ingredients and potions are refined below it.

The city is run by mages, with an outer circle of 30 and an inner circle of 5. Each of Five Inner Circle Mages holds sway over a section of the city called a Quintana. They rule from atop their 500 cubit towers in luxurious penthouses.

Bex recently revealed it had sided with the The Hobgoblin Hegemony, a conquering collective of Hobgoblins, Pirates and some of the Northern Argad Tribes. The cities of Gnarlton and Redstone have fallen under its control. Many of you saved the cities of Al Baku and Elvenport from the Hegemon and are now here on a dangerous mission at their behest. Alexandra the Summoner one of the Inner Circle Mages wants to break Bex free of the Hegemon and she needs your help.

You have already assisted the Gnarls, one of the poverty stricken neighborhoods nestled on the side of the mountains, after a mudslide destroyed many of their homes and let them open to one of Bex’s many gangs. Some of you have entered the cursed caves in these mountains and managed to befriend the mushroom folk, one of which was created by Alexandra when she was a young alchemist.

You have boldly landed on the Doro Docks and defeated Agathour and his minions. Calling attention to your desire to offer Bex a way out of its controversial alliance with the Hegemon. The citizens of Bex and its indentured servants have always been subject to the deadly game of rivalry between the five Inner Circle Mages but now it approaches civil war as you sit in Alexandra’s Tower while she recovers from her kidnapping.

Meanwhile The Meddler keeps making unannounced visits to you…



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