Yantang's Letter in the Crystal Library

A letter left for those who survive the challenges of the Keep.


I, Yantang the Stargazer, relate to you the events of our dear Duchess, Vishpasha. I write this in the Star Script that all who follow the Good and love the Law can read and which burns my hands because of my sins.

Vishpasha the Paladin of Shining Province defended her people against the fangs of the Blood Horde. She won but was stricken with the Blood Curse.

Clerics could not cure her, alchemists were without answers, I was the Astronomer who found her cure, not in the stars, but in the dark places between them.

I knew that one of the Silent Ones was due to fall from the Firmament in the nomadic Arghad lands. The stars do not lie, but they do not explain.

We four faithful followers, traveled there with her: Holoferness, Jungha, Elba and myself.

The Silent One fell. Fire and ash washed over the plain. An iron shell imprisoned the being. We had an Arghad ironsmith forge an Axe from a piece of the shell that had broken off in the fall from the firmament.

Our Duchess then cut open the Silent One’s Shell, stepped in and touched the Skyling.

What came out was not Vishpasha but something more and less than her.

Her skin was hard as alabaster. She spoke with the same voice only a new hunger was in it.

She did unspeakable things to the Arghad Tribe. Made them her slaves. Had them plunder much of Pesh and make her Mountain Fortress.

Then, three generations later, one Arghad tribal leader stole the Axe and wounded her unto death. This let the tribe escape through the grey pass and enter the lands east of the Firefall Mountains.

But too many of us had been changed by her blood curse. I knew if I found a cage strong enough I could starve myself into sleep. So I came upon this empty Keep, gathered what I could and constructed a Blood Lock to keep myself from leaving and to make a barrier only great heroes could open and Holoferness, Jungha and Elba could not.

Dividing her from the Silent One’s shell can defeat the Duchess.

May the Sanctity of the Stars protect you from the darkness and hunger of what surrounds them.


Yantang's Letter in the Crystal Library

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