Verdant Viper

Rapier created by Arcane Trickster Geoffroi de Bevard



There are many folktales about the Terravingian Rogue Geoffroi de Bevard and how he brought prosperity to his small town of Bossac. These stories are set four hundred years ago, a century after the Fall of the Elven Empire by the world wide Armageddon by the Blind God.

In a time where all the kingdoms had been crushed, only small centers of civilizations, Geoffri de Bevard began adventuring and exploring the strange magics that were freed by the Blind God’s brutal destruction. He brought back treasure and established trade with surrounding towns. He gathered a group of light cavalry that fought off what was left of the Orcs and the arrival of the Hobgoblins.

He built a small tower in Bossoc that he later expanded into a keep and finally, before he died, into a Castle. A rogue who studied magic he was known to defeat enemies with speed, stealth and spells rather than strength.

He enchanted many items to help him and his fellow citizens of Bossoc defend his town from the chaos of the era.

The most famous is the Verdant Viper. It’s a rapier made of steel somehow mixed with emeralds. It gives the wielder great speed and somehow lets them strike first more often than not.

The Offworlder Fame the Flamboyant now uses the Verdant Viper. He’s already made a name for himself running over his own fellow adventurers and running his enemies through with the quick and deadly point of this legendary rapier.


Verdant Viper

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