Twilight Tavern

Mysterious Multiverse Drinking Establishment


Recently, across the multiverse, in cities, towns and hamlets, a stout oaken door with a plain wrought iron door latch has made early evening appearances. This door opens to a cozy windowless room with a roaring fire, a broad shouldered bartender and a selection of drinks that do not exist elsewhere. Elysium Beer, Celestial Wine and Asgardian Ale are just a few of the different offerings. This small establishment whose single door only appears at dusk and disappears at dawn is called the “Twilight Tavern”.

Devin, the dark hued and divinely smiling proprietor tries to keep this multidimensional crossroads a welcoming place for adventurers. He has a baldhead, broad shoulders and big forearms. He takes all forms of payment and will extend a bar tab to those he trusts. Devin makes easy conversation and has accompanied the Tiefling Fame in songs with his strong baritone voice. The dwarf Paladin Kona once remarked in passing about Devin having wings but no one else has observed them.

The human wizard Harrison is one of the few regulars and may have been the first who discovered this mystical meeting place. Harrison’s considerable tab was paid off by Bettina as an inducement to travel to Midsea. The Halfling cleric Amand, who worships the Merchant’s Friend Waukeen, made Harrison’s acquaintance here and accepted Bettina’s offer to travel to Midsea.

The Twilight Tavern serves no food. Its single room is warm near the open grey-stone fireplace but curiously cold in the corners, as if a continuous draft of arctic air swirls outside. On Midsea its door often manifests itself in the Moonshadow Quarter although it once made a rare appearance on the side of a barn in the Enchanted Orchard. The place is as friendly, peripatetic and enigmatic as the man who runs it.


Twilight Tavern

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