Toppled Temple

The destroyed tower of Elvenport


In the shadow of the rebuilt Temple Triumphant, sitting in the harbor of Elvenport, lay three titanic size pieces of the Toppled Temple. A tower pushed into the River Silver by the Blind God five hundred years ago, the temple carries a death curse for all born in Midsea, like the haunted halls below the Castle of Al Baku. Elvenport uses this curse to execute its worst criminals and most terrible traitors by dropping them into its deadly chambers through one of the breaks in the golden veined marble.

Melissandra, the Satrap of Al Baku, asked the adventurers to do many things when they went to Elvenport; reopen trade, pursue an alliance with Elvenport against the Hegemon and to make their way inside the Toppled Temple like they did in Al Baku. She knows if they survive it could uncover the mystery of the Blind God’s wrath, rescue artifacts of great power and begin to bring peace to Midsea.

The adventurers, successfully evading the Elvenport River Patrols at night, moored a small boat on the third ruin furthest from shore and entered. All, except for Jorge, were surprised to see Bettina smile and jump down into the deadly depths of the ruin. Her chance remark about the tea she drank sparked his curiosity. Jorge had figured out she, like them, was not from the world of Midsea and the deadly curse could not affect her.

Inside they fought phantasms from a magic mural; elven warriors from the age of Empire riding centaurs fitted with silver collars of servitude.

Jorge the Necromancer, who had brought a small force of skeletons, set them on the strange monsters while Faeron the Cleric brought the light of Lathander on the brought to life representations. Grinchoel cast spells as GFoot peppered them with sliver tipped arrows. Grobble and the mysterious Logan used their relentless blades to finish them off.

Every time the adventurers defeated one of the strange murals the monster would fall apart like a piece of painted wall. After the last of the strange monsters turned back into painted dust they examined the cavernous ruin of the Toppled Temple.

They noticed how the walls still held scorch marks from the desecrating fires of the Blind God’s fury. Under this ashen destruction were other murals showing Elves in armor conquering the differing people of Midsea. The peoples are depicted as barbarous and the elves as bringing a regal glory. The off world adventurers were the first to see scenes of the Elven Empire’s tyranny in five hundred years.

In the next room they found a stone vault containing items of uncommon magic. The Chasuble of Cheru, the sword Red Razor, a Bow of the Border Guard and the Dragon Jade Amulet from far Pesh. Faeron took the Chasuble, Grobble grasped Red Razor, GFoot picked up the bow and Grinchoel saw something about the amulet that called out to him.

Their navigator Simion then called out to the adventures of an approaching boat from the River Patrol. The party quickly left the half submerged ruins, leaving much of it still unsearched. They knew the answers they sought are still there, waiting for them, along with more dangers.

After securing the good will of Aladril, Elvenport’s co-regent, the party went back. Jorge, Felix, GFoot and Bettina got Simion to bring their galley onto the second set of ruins. They entered and made their way to an old door whose frame had collapsed around the door. Unable to open it normally Felix pronounced a spell and the door blew open.

Inside they found another statue to the Conservators of Time. It guarded an inner chamber. Bettina told them, “Beyond the statue lies great danger. I will be able to open the gates beyond the statue but my concentration cannot be broken or they will shut again.”

They readied themselves and…


Toppled Temple

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