Tiefling Town

Small neighborhood in Bex near Doro Docks



With both Hanz and Fame becoming prominent adventurers in the world of Midsea the small and misunderstood Tiefling race should no longer be known just for their devilish background, demonic features and prejudicial stories. Here below is the origin of the Tieflings in Midsea.

Less than a hundred years ago a motley mess of fishing boats flooded into the harbor of Bex. Accounts differ on the size of this fleet of refugees but none disagree that this was how Tieflings arrived in Midsea, and how Tiefling Town was founded.

These devil-tailed desperate people were fleeing from the volcanic eruptions on Marid Isle. They used to be common fisher-folk until lava plumes spewed forth from the ground. Many ran but most knew there was no escaping. A merchant wizard from Bex, named Carlock the Bargainer, who had just built a tower on the shoreline, offered them a way to survive. If they made a bargain with the Infernal Lords, brokered by him of course, they could become part of an infernal bloodline. This would allow them to survive the lava, heat and sulfurous fumes that covered their Isle and allow them to escape.

They lined up by the hundreds to sign a black leather book with their own blood, using an iron tipped Harpy Quill. As soon as the hapless islanders wrote their names an irreversible change took place and they gained horns, a tail and powers beyond those of most mortals. Their fate also became tied to those of the infernal lords that their descendants would have to embrace, struggle against but never ignore.

Those who did not sign the book died either burning or chocking to death. The transformed ones made it to their fishing boats and made for Bex. Tragically many were drowned or outright killed by the scared populace, some were imprisoned but the majority were placed in some recently empty warehouses by the same Carlock who negotiated their transformation with the Infernal Lords.

Most Tieflings became servants of Carlock; some banded together against the racists of Bex and formed street gangs while others were able to stay with their original profession of fishing. Having so many servants with powers from the lower planes gave Carlock the backing to obtain the votes he needed to become an Inner Circle Mage.

As Mage of the Second Quintana Carlock moved many of the Tieflings into a neighborhood near the Doro Docks. Many other Bexians moved out of fear and Tiefling Town was formed. It was here they started making a community and grew to become resourceful for themselves.

The more stable of these, especially those that fished for a living reformed their families. A few of them banded together and broke free of Carock’s influence, even helping him be barred from being an Inner Circle Mage when it was revealed he engineered both the volcano and the Infernal Pact that changed the Fisherfolk of Marid into Tieflings chained to an Infernal Bloodline.

Hanz, the Tiefling who joined up with the offworlders is descended from one of the families who broke free of Carlock. It is a family that has been known to have the “second sight” and became friends with the mysterious Bettina. Hanz’s mother Seeress and his uncle Pezca are proud of him having Alexandra as a Patron and being on good terms with the Offworlders. His brother Harno, though not as quick-witted as Hanz, is proud in a way any heavy muscled dockworker and dour fisherman can be.


Tiefling Town

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