The Mid-Midsea Free Trade Agreement

formally known as the Treaty of Mantu


Grinchole and Jorge carried this treaty on their war galley from Elvenport to Al Baku. After arriving at Al Baku Grinchole went to the Mad Minotour, pulled up a chair to a corner table and “improved” it by removing Mantu’s name and giving it a more professional appellation. Melissandra has asked that Mantu no longer write any more international correspondence.


It reads as follows…

Our two cities, longtime trading partners and friends, need to now formalize our relationship into an alliance against the forces of the Hegemon.

In doing so we admit that under urgings of the deceitful envoy from Bex, Mikthal (called Elvenport in Guildspeak) did not formally defend Al Baku in their time of need.

In our defense Meleen, Co-Regent of Mikthal, did lead a volunteer force against the forces of the Hegemon.

Co-Regent Meleen and many, both in the Guilds’ Council and Nobles’ Conclave, pleaded to lead an army against your invaders.

Under disingenuous advice from Bex this call was reluctantly dismissed, although we despaired at the suffering of your people.

Mikthal is a sovereign city and we ask that Al Baku, a satrapy of the Sarcan Theocracy, pledge to lead armies, naval forces and magical assets against the Hegemon in whatever forms their unprovoked aggression take.

We ask that Melissandra, Satrap of Al Baku and Octohedra of the Sarcan Theocracy, sign below pledging to deliver military aid to our city just as Co-Regent Aladril, with the unanimous consent of the Guilds Council and a majority of the Nobles’ Conclave, did so sign below.

As you can see Mantu, Ambassador of Elvenport, has penned and signed the agreement. He pledges to work through any details that this Treaty needs for its success.

Mantu will work with Ginchole of the Off-Worlders to craft a Trade Agreement with Co-Regent Meleen.

This agreement does not bind us to the Sarcan Theocracy except in the ways that all like-minded peoples who abhor the Hegemon do, with a mind to defeat their conquering nature.

Meleen will meet with your councils and sign this agreement. If there are any modifications that need to be met, she will act as Plenipotentiary.

Co-Regent Aladril Malacor

Co-Regent Meleen Malacor

Ambassador Mantu Hesta

Satrap Melissandra Octohedra

The Mid-Midsea Free Trade Agreement

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