The Meddler

Legendary Red Cloaked Figure of Conflict


The earliest mention of the Meddler appears six hundred years ago in the Rougemain (Redhand) Chronicles during the days of the Elven Alliance. The Duchy of Rougemain sits on the border of the Orcish Wilds in the Terravingian Kingdoms. Consequently raids, uneasy truces and outright warfare between the citizens of Rougemain and the Orcish Tribes have been going on for more than half a millennia.

The Meddler first appears to Duke Albert II Rougemain as a mysterious red-cloaked figure whose face is hidden in supernatural darkness. Glints of silver are seen where a face should be but nothing else. This strange being gives him advice on how to fight the Legendary Orc Chieftain Yarget.

The guidence always gives mixed results until there is a parley between Duke Albert II and Yarget. In the meeting Yarget, an orc leader known for being clever and unpredictable, asks a strange question. “Have you been visited by a red cloaked Meddler whose council causes more problems than it solves?”

This is how the name stuck. As history proclaims the Orcish Wars led to the Elven Alliance becoming an Elven Empire. All through that time the Meddler would appear and trouble would follow. His “help” always a Faustian bargain at best but not to be dismissed out of turn. For whatever his motives are he always reveals something previously unknown.

As the reformed Pirate Simion sings in one of his sea chanteys,

“When Fortune’s Wheel,
spins fast and free,
the Meddler comes,
to confound all Midsea.
Wearing a cloak,
the color of blood.
Drowning our streets,
in an angry red flood.”

The Meddler now often matches wits with the off world adventurers, especially Grinchole, who magically messages him. This does not mean the adventures trust him. Felix refused the Meddler’s help even to resurrect Faeron, fearing the price they would pay.

Who the Meddler is and how he is involved in the present problems with the Hobgoblin Hegemony is a mystery. Rumors persist he often sits in the Hegemon war councils but he has also been known to offer help to those who resist them.

One of the Inner Circle of Mages in Bex, Jonn the Gnome Sage, recently said, “Empires come and go but the Meddler seems to always survive. None know if he is fey or fiend but we all understand he brings chaos and conflict.”

GFoot, Sir Gavin, Whythr, Fame and Kona all worked together to disrupt his manifestation on Midsea. Foot struck him with an obsidian arrow that prevented him from escaping and the rest battled him until he folded in on himself, leaving only his red robes.


The Meddler

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