The Hobgoblin Hegemony

Nefarious alliance of Hobgoblins, Bex, Gnarlton and Cutlass Cove


The Goblin Coast is bordered on the South by Al Baku (a satrapy of the Sarcan Empire) and on the North by the pirate port of Cutlass Cove. In between is the cutthroat magical meritocracy of Bex and the merchant city of Gnarlton. For last few hundred years the rest of the land was a lawless coast of warring goblinoid clans. Goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears would raid the outskirts of Bex, Gnarlton, Redstone or Cutlass Cove keeping these cities in a constant state of readiness.

Many adventurers found abundant work joining the mercenary armies of Gnarlton and Bex. Since both cities lack a standing army they hired such sellswords continually to guard them, their farmlands and their trade routes with the dwarves of the interior mountains.

Given that the dwarven settled mountains were rich in metals and the farmlands fertile the few in charge could grow wealthy in this land of abundant resources. The lot of the common folk however was one of subjugation. The institution of indentured servitude became a common practice, with such bonds being recognized and honored among the cities of Bex, Gnarlton and Cutlass Cove. Redstone, being a trading post for the freedom loving Argad Tribes, refused to engage in indentured servitude.

It was the Sarcan Empire, spearheaded by Al Baku who began breaking up much of this trade in indentured servants and pirated goods. It looked like the Goblin Coast would become a more civilized place until the rise of the Hegemon.

The Hegemon started out as an obscure hobgoblin Warlord. Then his clan captured the merchant city of Gnarlton and the Argad Trading Outpost of Redstone. He slowly began uniting all the goblinoids into an army the size unseen since the fall of the Elven Empire. He called this army the Hobgoblin Hegemony with himself as the Hegemon. His skillful diplomacy of the sword brought the pirates of Cutlass Cove and the city of Bex into his Hegemony. His control of Redstone also brought some of the tribes under his sway.

He then began launching attacks on Al Baku, Elvenport and the other cities of Midsea. Who he is and how he was able to accomplish so much is unknown. There are tales of his lighting fast swordplay and his ability to recover from near fatal wounds. His grasp of military tactics is deep and he has built a well-equipped army whose discipline was never broken until faced with the off-world adventurers of POSCo.

This defeat has haunted the Hegemon and he has offered a bounty on the capture of any member of POSCo. He has heard of the Perfectly Ordinary Shipping Company (POSC0) Charter granted to them by Al Baku and is not happy.

There are rumors The Meddler himself is now present during any war council with his generals. His ships were last seen heading out of Bex with a contingent of war wizards, to strike back at Al Baku and the rest of the Sarcan Empire.

Fame, the Tiefling, has had a few interactions with him. After the offworlders defeated a group of hobgoblins they spared the life of the lone survivor under Fame’s promptings. It was later discovered that the Hobgoblin, who called himself Ar-Khan, was in fact the Hegemon.

Ar-Khan (The Hegemon) is presently camped outside Bex with a huge army and is calling for negotiations with the City. He demands that Fame be there as, “He is the only offworlder I trust.”


The Hobgoblin Hegemony

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