Simion the New Sun Follower

former pirate and now follower and first mate to Faerun


“Sail where the fairest winds take ye” is Simion’s favorite saying. In his many years of navigating the waters of Midsea he never steered his ships or his life against this motto. He first showed this philosophy to the adventurers surrounded by the flaming debris and floating corpses of his dead comrades when he offered his services to the deadly and determined, but nautically challenged, heroes.

Dark skinned from years of sun with grey hair and a growing bald spot Simion was getting too old for the pirate life. He found himself questioning whether he could continue. In a profession where most don’t live to see forty he was a lean weather-beaten fifty-one years old, with feet that were starting to swell and a back that ached too often. He had given up being a Quartermaster and was content to be a helmsman when his fortunes changed.

After the adventurers defeated the hell born General of the Hobgoblin army, Simion quickly converted to the worship of Lathander, patron God of the cleric Faeron. He came to call Faeron “Captain Dawnbringer” much to the accepting Cleric’s amusement. Still possessing many pirate habits he tells members of the growing congregation,

“I be the first convert of Captain Dawnbringer. Signed up with him on the day we met. I was there when he brought the light of Lathander down on my ship. Let me tell you that light can start a blaze of belief you wouldn’t believe. It cured me of my evil ways.”

Simion threw himself into outfitting the captured Hobgoblin War Galley into a ship for the adventurers. He’s proven useful with his vast knowledge of Midsea currents, ports and criminal contacts. He even navigated a small rowboat with, “Captain Dawnbringer” to the Toppled Temple of Elvenport with muffled oars and maybe more than a few hints on how to evade the harbor patrol from friends, “still in the business”.


Simion the New Sun Follower

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