Ship of Fate

Amanda's Multiverse sailing Ship



This paradox ship sails from inevitability to possibility and plumbs the nature of existence to the very edges of expectation. Amand the Lucky, halfing cleric of luck and lover of good wine and better company, became its latest Captain during his meeting with the Babbling Pillar. He needed all of his luck for on his first voyage he almost sank beneath the Astral Ocean by taking the Mad Magician Samsa to a place that had such a low possibility of existence it should not of been found.

It is rumored that Sabra the Sorceress Shipwright laid the ship’s keel when the Wizards of Visnor- City of the Shunned began delving into the forces of Infinite Time. Sabra, a High Master in the lost Guild of Spellbinders, suspected that the Wizards were going to evoke their history altering magic. So she gathered her apprentices and constructed a one mast, small ship, with a sternpost-mounted rudder and five oar berths.

Sabra desperately sailed this ship out of Visnor’s Harbor when the city wove itself into the time stream, hollowing out Midsea’s history and inserting itself into eternity. There is a ballad about her perilous journey and how she steered herself out of the churning Midsea and into the Astral Ocean.

Many mages dispute what happened to Sabra. The speculations all break down on how one views the four forces of Destiny, Entropy, Fortune and Chaos. The Ash River Sage recorded three of the four reported stories. What is not in dispute is that the Ship of Fate chooses a new Captain every one hundred and one years.

All those who become Captain on the Ship of Fate become famous throughout the multiverse. Ironically, while many Captains’ adventures are recorded on multiple worlds, no one ever finds out their ultimate fate.


Ship of Fate

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