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There are four known instances of someone being Shadow-Cursed in the whole history of Midsea. Eva the Scroll Writer and Balgat the Pirate Captain, both born in Bex, the off-worlder Logan and an unnamed man who met the well beloved Elven Cleric Cheru. See Chasuble of Cheru

Eva and Balgat both came from the storied Moonshadow neighborhood in the Fourth Quintana of Bex. Shielded from the morning sun by the over five hundred cubit Fourth Quintana Tower, and blocked by the Gnarl Mountains in the evening, this twilight neighborhood has given birth to many mages of great note, the latest being Alexandra the Summoner.

Eva Scrollwriter was one such mage. Many sages point to her as the wizard who first created the Planar Traveling Rings Spell. It is related that three hundred and fifty years ago she opened a dimensional gate to a shadow realm and a being of dark energy crawled through. She slowly became shadow-cursed and disappeared after destroying many of her friends with their dreams. Local Moonshadow folklore contends that the Dark Alley of Death in Bex came into existence right when she disappeared. This alley is always dark as as a moonless night and many who enter never come back.

Balgat the Pirate Captain is rumored to have sailed his crew into the Floating Fens one hundred years ago after the shadow took control of his mind. There are more than a few Pirate Songs about Belgat’s Living Shadow. Simion the New Sun Follower has sang a few of them to the adventurers.

Here is one which Logan found in Alexandra’s study, after uncovering a mysterious portrait of Alexandra, Marcus Redhand and Klegg the Clever using his supernatural stealth. Painter the Druid of the Underdark played it and the secret to curing Logan was revealed to him.

The Ballad of Balgat

Balgat became drunk at the Moonshadow Inn
Never that clever he drank too much gin
He stumbled down the Dark Alley of Death
His shade grew hungry and stole all his breath

He got shadow-cursed and became a dark shade
While his face and soul slowly did fade
The shadow took, far more than it gave
Only by Cheru’s blessing could Balgat be saved

His ship sailed into the Floating Fenns
A Sargasso Sarcophagus for all of his friends
Eva Scrollwriter’s curse on a seafaring man
Balgat’s shadow means you to be damned

The oldest story about the shadow-cursed is no doubt Cheru’s parable which is set over six hundred years ago in the days of the Elven Republic, before it became an Empire under the Red Crowned King. It starts out:

“Cheru once met a man whose shadow was so strong it would not shrink in the sun of noonday. He asked Cheru to help him before the shadow he cast became the shadow who cast him. Cheru told him that shadow and light arise together and fall apart only in the dark. He said he could not cure the man of having a shadow but he could restore the balance between him and his shade.

Cheru than called for his half-orc friend Parga and the Tiefling Defender to travel with the man to…”



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