Red Razor

strange sword found in the Toppled Temple



Balanced more like a battle-axe than a broadsword, Red Razor hacked its way into Terravingian History hundreds of years ago. Forged by a village blacksmith, from a smoldering meteor recently fallen to earth, this Falchion always finds itself in the hands of humble rather than noble birth.

Pitted by age and colored a dull red, this blade fails to impress most foes until their flesh is cut by its supernatural sharpness. Red Razor can only be wielded by warriors of exceptional strength. It’s otherworldly crimson metal is denser than earthly ores and holds an edge that can cut through chainmail.

It is rumored another weapon was made from the same meteor and hidden in the Firefall Mountains. The Ash River Sage is said to know the full history and still unlocked powers of these two weapons.

Any adventurer finding the sword is sure to add to its legendary history.

Grobble obtained it during his foray into the Toppled Temple. He has defeated a Weretiger Assassin and one of the Conjurors of Bex with it.


Red Razor

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