Perfectly Ordinary Shipping Company (POSCo) Charter

POSCo Charter with Satrapy of Al Baku


This Company, and Fellowship of Merchant Adventurers for the Development of Free and Fair Trade, is hereby authorized to engage in Missions for the Sarcan Satrapy of Al Baku and the Discovery of Regions, Dominions, Islands, other Worlds and parts Unknown.

The POSCo adventurers must purchase shares at their own set rate and return. Their employment practices are their own as long as they comply with the prohibition and future abolition of indentured servitude and to not encourage piracy.

Furthermore they are issued Letters of Marque against the current pirate trade. This being if they take a pirate vessel they can keep what treasures and prisoners they find, provided they give an accounting to the harbormaster on their return. Any prisoner who is wanted for a crime in the Sarcan Theocracy must be turned over to Sarcan Authorities. One of one hundredth of the recovered gold will be payed to Al Baku in lieu of handling the claims of magic items.

So long as POSCo carries on its trade with advantage to itself and Al Baku, and preserves entire, an ample sufficiency of funds to pay all its debts, and repay its capital, there can be no reason in common sense for preventing its employing its credit in the purchase of as great a quantity as possible of our own commodities to send to other sovereign cities, nations, and employing as great a number of shipping as the trade will possibly allow. Henceforth they are given a one in hundredth share of all profits from trade treaties they negotiate.

Such accountings will be made by the Harbormaster of the Al Baku Jetty.


POSCo Representative – Grinchole Sunshadow
Satrap of Al Baku- Octahedra Melissandra

Perfectly Ordinary Shipping Company (POSCo) Charter

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