Satrap of Al Baku




Milissandra rules Al Baku as Satrap for the Saracand Theocracy.. She was appointed after her meritorious service against the Conjurers of Bex. She is known for her strategic insight in military campaigns and calm demeanor when leading troops into battle.

Her five year rule has seen an increase in trade with Elvenport and an increasing prosperity of Al Baku’s citizens. She, like all commanders of the Sarcan Theocracy, follows the worship of the Celestial Lawgivers. This is reflected in her enforcement of fair trading practices, protection of the populace and an enforced code of civil conduct in the tribunal courts.

The Merchant’s Guild at first bristled at her oversight but now reluctantly acknowledge that she has made the marketplace less volatile. The Pirates of Cutlass Cove are not happy that their captured goods are not allowed to be sold in Al Baku. This has made some of the more unscrupulous business leaders quietly incensed.

She initially sought the aid of the adventurers to retrieve the Wand of Walls to protect Al Baku from magical attack. This was controversial among other Sarcand Commanders. Her critics were silenced when the adventurers not only accomplished the task but defeated the Hobgoblin’s Fiendish General. Later she paid them to travel to Elvenport. She tasked them to reopen trade, forge an alliance with the Co-Regents and investigate the Toppled Temple.

She knows these are not easy tasks but the off world adventurers have accomplished the impossible before. She sent along her never-say-die Sergeant Garga and the politically connected Ambassador Mantu to assist them. She does not doubt that mayhem, fireballs and the Light of Lathander will rein down on anyone who gets in the way of the very dedicated, and deadly, party known as POSCo.

She is now looking to form an alliance with Bex now that they have left the Hobgoblin Hegemony. The offworlders have once again given her an opportunity to pull more of the city-states of Midsea in an alliance against piracy and trading people as property.

If she does this she will be able to encircle the Hegemon himself and liberate Midsea from its years of war.


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