Elvenport Ambassador


In Midsea Elves and Humans rarely mix and there are maybe half a hundred Half-elves in existence. Most Elves treat their partial blood brethren with pity at best and scorn at worst. They are viewed with awe however, among humanity and many end up becoming traveling bards, journeyman mages or rangers defending the edges of civilization.

Mantu, being a Half-elf of high ambition, worked carefully and made hard choices in an effort to gain entry to Elven society. An effort that succeeded through his taking on of dangerous missions for Elven nobles who preferred not to risk their own lives. As a Half-elf his attaining the rank of Elvenport Ambassador to Al Baku is unprecedented in Elfish history and a testimony to his charm and all consuming ambition.

Mantu was born to the hedge witch Hesta in the Blue Fir Forest. Like Garga his mother kept his father’s name from him. The only thing known is that his mother found his father dying from near mortal wounds in the forest, nursed him back to health over a year, and that he left.

Hesta kept her son well provided for through Argad tribal leaders who came to her for potions, protection spells and to parley. He learned early about diplomacy watching her broker agreements between warring tribes. She also opened her home to those who needed haven from persecution from those same contentious tribes, letting her learn much about their inner politics. Her ability to keep secrets, even from Mantu, made a lifelong impression.

Mantu became a Ranger and visited every Elven enclave, including the reclusive Frost Elves. This required a patience that took decades to achieve. He joined the adventuring party known as the Ravens and started his relationship with the Elven nobility by getting the Ravens to escort a delegation from the Frost Elves to Elvenport, the first one since the Blind God fractured the Elven Empire five hundred years ago.

His mother Hesta died of old age, never imparting his father’s identity to him, only saying that it would, “be no gift and only bring him grief”. He built a funeral pyre as per her wishes and scattered her ashes throughout the Blue Fir Forest. Her home now serves as a yearly meeting place for Argad Tribal Leaders.

After the Ravens disbanded he traveled with Garga on the Goblin Coast. Using his diplomatic contacts they became well known bodyguards for Elven nobility traveling in this dangerous stretch of land. In Bex they saved Aladril, the co-regent of Elvenport, from an assassination attempt. Aladril was visiting Bex on a mission to discover how his father, the King of Elvenport, had disappeared. Afterward when Aladril offered Mantu an Ambassadorship with the caveat that Garga, a Half-orc, not accompany him on any delegation, Mantu accepted.

Garga, heartbroken, went to go live with her mother in Al Baku at “The Mad Minotaur”. Garga later joined the Al Baku army. Garga’s mother, Larsa, has since had an outspoken enmity with Mantu, never letting an opportunity pass to tell the adventurers about her anger with him.

Bettina, usually very understanding with others, shared much of these same feelings with Larsa until GFoot brokered a peace of sorts between them.

GFoot got Mantu to actually open up about his motives to Bettina, Felix and Jorge.

“I’m sorry with what happened to Garga but I am trying to make alliances between the peoples of this world,” said Mantu. "Elvenport and Al Baku coming together against the Hobgoblin Hegemony is more important than my or Garga’s happiness. Besides I will live for another 100 years and be involved in brokering more bonds between the peoples of Midsea. Garga would hate having to stay behind as an retired warrior while I traveled the world. "

Manu worked with Gronchbag to write, “The Mantu Treaty”. This was a beginning diplomatic agreement for future mutual defense and trade between Al Baku and Elvenport. Gronchbag renamed it the Mid-Midsea Free Trade Agreement and got it signed by the co-regent siblings of Elvenport ( brother Aladril of the Blue Rose and sister Meleen of the Red Rose) along with Mantu and Melissandra.



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