Klegg the Clever

Former Spy for the Hegemon


Klegg, nicknamed “the Clever” by his fellow rogues, grew up on the mean streets of Bex. The city is known for being a place where the Conjurers who rule it have large, walled mansions with private guards while the poor live in the rarely patrolled alleys of “The Gnarls”.

Klegg took employment as a spy for one of the mages of Bex and became involved in many of the long raging plots and counter-plots that the mages play amongst themselves. This mage, Alexandra the Summoner, used him to gather information both arcane and mundane, helping her quest to become a member of the ruling council. Being quick, clever and ambitious he rose fast in his employers service. He also made many enemies.

The city of Bex is famous for its amazing potions, poisons and magic crafts. It is also infamous for the way its oligarchic mages take up and discard the pawns in their political games. Klegg was one such pawn. He had been so effective a tool in Alexandra’s service that one of the Conjurer’s of Bex offered Alexandra a spot on the ruling Council if she let Klegg be declared, “open game” for any assassin.

Alexandra gave Klegg a warning and a way out of Bex but cut him loose and got her ambition to join the Inner Circle of Mages. Klegg quickly found an adventuring party called “The Ravens” who were visiting Bex for healing potions. He joined them on an expedition to the Firefall Mountains.

Years later he disappeared after the Ravens disbanded. He recently reappeared as a spy for the Hegemon. He lost his hand on an encounter with the heroes of Al Baku and replaced it with an infernal iron gauntlet. He proved more deceptive and dangerous for the adventurers as they left Al Baku and traveled to Elvenport.

His sneak attack on Grobble and Garga’s mother Larsa both came close to killing them. He was finally stopped after he assassinated the Grand Guild-master in the Grogswill Tavern (now renamed Bed & Breakfast). He injured Felix but was brought down by GFoot’s archery. Felix then chopped off his infernal gauntlet, ridding him of his infernal influences. He was captured and brought aboard the adventurers ship.

There he related how he had gone from a simple spy to an assassin after the loss of his hand.. A strange red cloaked figure called the Meddler appeared and grafted the gauntlet onto his arm. He then stopped eating, sleeping and became more and more demonic. All he lived for was revenge. He is now returning to normal.

Recently Klegg returned to Al Baku with Logan- a mysterious warrior who very shadow is alive, Painter-Druid of the Underdark and Jorge’-the Necromancer who carries the ghost of Marcus Redhand (Rouge-mains) inside him. They reunited him with Alexandra the Summoner.

The meeting was tense but productive. They convinced Alexandra to return with them to Al Baku so as to help the City of Bex rethink its alliance with the Hobgoblin Hegemony.

Klegg the Clever

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