Hell Hacker

Devil Slaying Falchion




Carlock the Bargainer created this Falchion for his barbarian bodyguard Kento. This sword carries enchantments that make it deadly to all infernal beings and those with infernal ancestry. Something Carlock needed since he trafficked in dangerous agreements with creatures from the Lower Planes.

As all found out later Carlock the Bargainer caused a volcanic eruption on Marid Isle with help from the Pit Fiend Krazz. He did this so that those living on the island had to choose between dying or making a Devil’s Bargain and becoming fire and sulfur resistant Tieflings. Carlock used these newly created Tielflings as servants and to reward Krazz with possible souls. He then leveraged this influence to become Mage of the Second Quintana and create Tiefling Town

This made him many enemies and in true Bex fashion he hired someone to protect him. This was the barbarian Kento. Carlock created a sword for Kento that would do double the damage of a normal blade and be even more effective fighting demons and devils. He even gave the blade a rudimentary intelligence so it could warn Kento of danger and seek out dangerous demons and devils.

This was Carlock’s undoing. When the Tieflings revolted the sword took their side since it correctly reasoned Carlock brought more beings from the lower planes to Midsea than any other enemy.

Uldir Blacksteel found this blade and defeated a dragon with it, showing that while it was made to fight lower dimensional beings it is effective in any fight.

Hell Hacker

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