Golden Steed of the Feydril

Enchanted Metal Horse



The Feydril, also called the Ice Elves, live locked away from most of Midsea. Only recently did Mantu reopen relations with them and the outside world.

Over 500 years ago they left the Elven Alliance when it became the Elven Empire. They withdrew from all contact with the Red Crowned King and Agathour. No one knows where they went when the Blind God marched through Midsea but their old city still sits in ruins on the shores of the Glacial Sea.

There are rumors their mages made a magnificent Ice Dome that they live under, but none have seen it. What the world has seen over the centuries are the occasional Feydril adventurers on mysterious quests emerging from the icy north riding magnificent metal steeds.

Since no horse could survive in their homeland these metallic mounts are made of Elven Steel, dwarven gold and gnomish platinum. Many believe the Phoenix itself breathed life into them to carry those of good intent on missions.

The Elven hero Galando is said to have rode one across the waves in pursuit of a shadow cursed pirate and disappeared. These steeds, despite being made of metal, can leap up cliffs, gallop over the water and drop hundreds of feet without injury.

Only a few are known to be in existence. Sir Gavin liberated one from Varsa’s Tower after he and Hanz slew the traitorous Wizard. It was believed that Varsa mearly thought it a beautiful statue for his collection, since the Feydril lay spells on it to lend no aid to those who would do harm.


Golden Steed of the Feydril

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