Al Baku Army Lieutenant, past member of "The Ravens"




Gaga began her life in the Orcish Wilds with the Hendee Tribe. Her mother quickly realized she did not fit in with the other children in the tribe. She was always curious, questioning and fiercely believing in fairness. The dynamics of backstabbing and chaotic rule by the tribes ever changing leadership caused her mother to leave and go to Al Baku.

There her mother went to work as a cook for the Tavern owned by Enchanter Marcus Redhand, “The Mad Minotaur”. There Marcus, a retired adventurer, taught Garga to read and let his warrior sister Sara teach her how to swing a battle axe.

During that time Garga tried to learn who her father was. The only clues she had was the uncommon skill her mother had with cooking, something she wouldn’t have learned in an Orcish Tribe and her mother’s ability to speak the common tongue of the Merchant’s Guild.

Growing up around adventurers and schooled in combat by the legendary Sara Redhand it was no surprise that Garga became a founding member of the famous adventuring party “The Ravens”. Among the Ravens were fellow Half-orc Klegg the Clever, Half-elf Ranger Mantu and Priestess Bettina. After the party had their falling out she then ended up traveling with Mantu on the Goblin Coast before his appointment as Elvenport’s Ambassador to Al Baku.

She then joined the Al Baku army and quickly rose in the ranks. She is known as a confidant for Commander Melissandra. Because of her adventuring background Melissandra made her the go-between for her and the party of adventurers called POSCo who dealt with the recent Hobgoblin attack. During these dealings with them she fell for the barbarian Half-orc Grobble. His command of the orcish language won her over, as well as his staunch friendship.

Recently Garga was given a promotion to Lieutenant and aide-de-camp to Melissandra. Her work with the off-world adventurers of POSCo and her defense of Al Baku has earned her respect in the city and with the Satrap.


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