Freeport of Raventon

Duty Free Port founded by the Merchant's Guild




This small duty free port near the Firefall mountains is in great trouble. The southernmost volcano, South Tail, has erupted and threatens the city. The Ash River Sage prophesized this would happen because of the recent events in Visnor- City of the Shunned but the information was suppressed by the Merchant’s Guild.

Freeport is a seaside town founded a century ago by the Merchant’s Guild as a way to get goods to and from Pesh without having to pay the Sarcan Theocracy import and export taxes. They have a troubled history with Pirates as they condemn them on the open seas yet will do business with them on a ship-by-ship basis.

The Merchant’s Guild has reached out to POSCo to save the port and determine what strange magic caused this latest eruption and, if possible, stop it, so as to save the Library of Freeport. This Midsea famous library is home to the Ash River Sage Collection of many magical tomes and spell scrolls.

The Third book of The Tome of Time is said to be hidden among its many volumes.

Simion the New Sun Follower’s sister is the Sea Lord of the city.

Valanthe the Druid and Felix the Gnome were able to use Water Working magic and Elemental Summoning to stop the initial flow of Lava to save the city but the volcano is still active…

Freeport of Raventon

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