River Port City



Elvenport (River Port City) Population 10,000 within city limits, 5,000 outside in shantytown called Farbank, along with Halfling and human farming villages

Elves 60% Human 12%, Halflings 11%, Half-orcs 1%, Dwarves 10%, Gnomes 5%, Tieflings 1%.

Notable Imports: Dwarven ale, Mithril ore, Ingots of iron, from the dwarven mine up river. Spices, oranges, olives, olive oil, rice from Al Baku down river.
Notable Exports: Wine, Bows (specialty high price), cloth, Ingots of iron, steel, Dwarven Ale, ship building and finely crafted goods.



When the adventurers traveled up the River Silver toward Elvenport they got the feeling they were entering a city cut in two. On the west side of the river they saw an ancient genteel metropolis lined with stone walled canals. On the east side of the river was a rollicking shantytown with muddy streets.

The ancient city, called Mikthal in the Elven tongue, was where the blind god appeared 500 years ago. It recovered since then but still bears the scars of his passage. The world famous Toppled Temple sits in its harbor, a remembrance of its time as capital of the Elven Empire.

The shantytown goes by the name Farbank and houses much of the working class neighborhoods that ferry across the River Silver to work in Mikthal. Most of the Humans, Half-orcs, Halflings and Tieflings live here.

Farbank has gentrified slightly as Elvenport has prospered, one example being the “Grogswill Tavern”. GFoot helped rename it the “Bed and Breakfast” after Felix refused to eat there. Jorge’s skeletons have been known to help serve ale at its bar. Gwendolyn, the head lawyer for the Thieves’ Guild (Purloiners Local #5) likes to dine there and the Guilds Council holds its general membership meetings in the main dining room.

Mantu has worked hard over the past decades for other cities to bring delegations to the Elvenport. It was one of the reasons he was chosen as ambassador. Being downriver of a dwarven mine and upriver from Al Baku, Elvenport makes a natural haven for diplomats and a thriving nexus for trade.

Elvenport is a constitutional monarchy, with a split sovereign (co-regent’s Aladril and Meleen) and a split legislature (a Guilds’ Council and a Nobles’ Conclave). The Judges are picked by the co-regents and then voted on by the Guilds’ Council

The city’s citizens have come to tire of the co-regents constant arguments and competing visions. Aladril prefers an isolationist foreign policy and limited trade. Meleen fears Elvenport becoming too insular and wants alliances with other cities and more trade.

Many have started wearing lockets that trumpet their alliance to one sovereign. Those who prefer Aladril wear a blue rose locket while those who prefer Meleen have a red one.

Elvenport chose to remain neutral when Al Baku was attacked by the Hegemony. This was despite Meleen’s call to assist them. Aladril won over the majority of the Nobles’ Conclave and a sizable minority of the Guilds’ Council to a policy of neutrality.

Meleen then quit the city and is travelling up and down the River Silver with a small volunteer force looking for Hobgoblins. She recently gave Felix the Wizard one of her hippogriffs as a show of solidarity with POSCo and Al Baku.

The adventurers recently uncovered a letter showing the City of Bex is readying with the Hegemon for a surprise attack on Elvenport. This has caused Aladril to rethink his previous stances. They arranged a Treaty between both Al Baku and Elvenport. The Mid-Midsea Free Trade Agreement.


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