Doro Docks

The chaotic docks of Bex



The Doro Docks are some of the most chaotic, yet prosperous, in Midsea. If Farbank is Elvenport’s lifeline to the world and Al Baku Jetty a well run center of trade, the Doro Docks deserve their reputation of a rule breaking, tariff dodging port of call where you can buy most things and sell anything.

Unlike most of Bex the Inner Circle of Mages do not control the Doro Docks. No Mage would let any other one have sole control of Bex’s maritime commerce. Therefore Constables loosely administer a thin set of precepts called the Merchant’s Code. It’s a small set of rhyming rules that leave much to interpretation and less on consideration. The Merchant Bard Sozeman is said to have coined many of them.

Some of the more famous are:

First ship docked has its berth locked. (No one gets his or her own place at the docks. First come, first served.)

Empty your hold or pay more gold. (The longer a ship stays in port, the higher its slip fees. They double every week.)

The longer your lines, the greater your fines. (If you keep customers waiting you get a fine.)

A deal is a deal, but a bargain’s a steal. (Where you got your cargo is not important, but you must deal honestly in Port with other merchants or face consequences.)

Like many of Bex’s Tieflings Hanz and his brother Harno worked unloading cargo here.

The Offworlders are well known on the Doro Docks. They have arrived here on the back of a giant turtle, came surrounded in fog on The Ship of Fate, popped through an inter-dimensional gate on a sinking ship and once pulled into port with Jorge’s undead skeleton’s rowing a captured pirate sloop!


Doro Docks

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