Chasuble of Cheru

Artifact found by Faeron in the Toppled Temple


When Faeron the Dawnbringer fought the phantasms in the magical mural of the Toppled Temple of Elvenport he uncovered an artifact of a famous Midsea legend, the Chasuble of Cheru.

There are few elven children who aren’t taught the Travels of Cheru; short tales of an ancient cleric who traveled Midsea defending the defenseless with the Tiefling Paladin Defender and the Half-orc rogue Parga. An old priest whose wife passed back into the Feylands after their son died in the Wizard Wars, Cheru leaves his temple in the hands of a younger priest telling her his new congregation will have more than elves in it. The first story ends with him saying, “My congregation is the world”.

In the stories, he cures sickness, blesses crops and reluctantly swings his mace, when words won’t work, against those who would do evil to the weak. He also preaches to all, through his actions, of defending the weak and showing mercy to your enemies.

He first meets the starving Half-orc Parga when the rouge is trying to steal from his small sack of belongings.

“My coin purse is on my donkey,” says Cheru. “Leave enough for lunch at the next town. I am still eating breakfast. How do you take your bacon?”

Parga travels with him for the rest of his life. In the tales Parga picks locks, scouts ahead in treacherous terrain and quietly makes sure people don’t take advantage of the virtuous Cheru. They rescue a Tiefling warrior who is beset by angry townsfolk for a crime he didn’t commit. The Tiefling then takes an sacred oath, renames himself “Defender”, and becomes a Paladin in Cheru’s service.

Cheru was old during the Golden Age of the Elven Alliance, before it gave way to the Elven Empire, with its tyranny under the Red Crowned King. He died during that Golden Age defending a small orc child against a vengeful mob of Terravingions who have a long history of war against the tribes of the Orcish Wilds.

His chasuble, stained with his blood but intact, was recovered by Parga and Defender. They gave it to the priest who took over for Cheru. She in turn started to travel the world and worked wonders in Cheru’s name. The chasuble granted her protection and increased the power of her healing spells. It would also grant her supernatural strength and abilities when engaged in struggles protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves.


Chasuble of Cheru

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