Cedric Coinraker

Cousin of Felix and Planetraveller


Cedric Coinraker always had a healthy fear of his cousin Felix growing up. Both were curious gnomes who studied magic, but while Cedric concentrated on Conjuration, Felix liked to blow things up. Cedric’s family, well to do merchant-tinkerers, paid heavily to get him to study under the master conjurer Hebutan.

Cedric’s ability to sneak around and steal glances in the master conjurers spell books got him in trouble a few times but not enough to end his apprenticeship. Spells of transportation and arcane knowledge of other worlds drew his attention early. Upon completing his apprenticeship Cedric worked for his family’s business, becoming an accomplished merchant of magic items. He excelled at making contacts with other spell users and establishing a customer base.

As years went on Cedric would disappear for months at a time and reappear with items of unique and exotic power. He talked of a city called Bex that he had discovered along with another called Al Baku.

Through his cousin Felix he enlisted the help of the adventurers to travel to Midsea so as to help the besieged city of Al Baku. Melissandra paid Cedric a small fortune to bring the adventurers to Al Baku.

Cedric constructed a group of paired rings that allowed the adventurers to travel from their world to Midsea, if they all touch them together. These rings also grant them the ability to converse in the trader’s Guildspeak, the common tongue of Midsea.

Being from another world they could enter the under-city of Al Baku to retrieve the legendary Wand of Walls. According to Cedric the wand could construct magical barriers that would keep enchanted beings and magical means of transportation from entering Al Baku.

As usual with Cedric the truth was less than bargained. The wand would protect the older central walled section of Al Baku but leave the quay and the rest of the sprawling outer-city open to the enemy. The adventurers then transported home.

Given the success, though limited in nature, Melissandra was able to convince the merchants of Al Baku to finance another group of adventurers to return and help liberate them from the Hobgoblin army. They bravely infiltrated the city and killed the Infernal Being who led the army, prompting the Hegemon forces to leave.

GFoot the archer took an immediate dislike to the machinations of Cedric and found his attempt to bribe him with a special silver arrow contemptible. GFoot also hated Cedric’s constant bargaining of their arrangements after a deal had been made.

Cedric always looks to make a profit through trade and travel. His latest foray into financing adventurers is new to him and much more dangerous than his past ventures, but the profits have proved enticing!

When Faeron was disintegrated by the Lich Agathour Felix knocked Cedric out and took his magical ring, by chopping off Cedric’s hand!

Felix then used the ring to travel to a pool just outside the magical gate of Visnor. Felix’s newly won relic, The Tome of Time led him to the resurrection capabilities of the pool. Felix, not fully attuned to Cedric’s ring then caused them to flash out and bring them all back to Al Baku. This left Cedric, missing a hand, on their War Galley in Elvenport.

Cedric disappeared, only to resurface back in his mansion, (the one with the golden G on the front gate) in Waterdeep.


Cedric Coinraker

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