Bow of the Border Guard

Ancient Elven Bow found in the Toppled Temple



Very few of these are still in existence. During the Elven Alliance, before it became the Elven Empire, the brave rangers of the Boarder Guard protected the Lands of Midsea from the assault of Goblins, Orcs, Trolls and Dragons. These Rangers acted as ambassadors of good will to the many peoples of Midsea. Their unselfish code to protect all good creatures from pillagers and predators brought many into the Elven Alliance and ushered in the Golden Age.

Most of these bows went missing when the Red Crowned King decided that the Alliance must give way to Empire. He called back all of the Boarder Guard to become his personal Imperial Guard. Many rebelled and were hunted down.

These mithril stringed weapons are said to have double the range of a normal bow and do double the damage. They require archers of rare skill to use properly or they will scar the bracing arm of those who shoot without a healthy respect for its power and ever-taut magical string.

GFoot secured one from a vault in Toppled Temple of Elvenport.


Bow of the Border Guard

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