Cleric for the Conservators of Time


Bettina first met our adventurers when she was rescued from chained servitude to an oar berth aboard a Hobgoblin galley. The battle left a pirate ship both broken and burnt to its waterline and Gronchbag’s ape incarnation singed but triumphant. She sarcastically asked Gronchbag and Jorge the Necromancer if they could bring the Hobgoblin’s back when it took a while to unchain her from the oars.

Bettina, a cleric who follows the Conservators of Time, adventured with the Ravens before they disbanded. If Garga was the founder and heart of Ravens, Klegg the Clever its mind, and Mantu the face, Bettina was its soul. Klegg, a half-orc rogue with a cruel wit, remarked more than once that the Conservators of Time had three faces, one follower and no temple.

Indeed Mantu, the half elf Ranger, felt that she had more of a philosophy than a religion. His normal charms and inquiring ways fell flat on Bettina’s mysterious manner. He never found out much about her past and how she came by her magic, since no one besides her and certain elven sages had ever heard of the Conservators of Time.

Bettina comes across as a mystic who never talks about herself but prefers to listen to others. She has a stillness that encourages others to open up to her. During her adventures with the Ravens she would heal their bodies and soothe their spirits. Her wise council saved the Ravens often and pointed toward noble quests rather than pure treasure finding expeditions.

After the Ravens disbanded she became a traveling companion and friend to Elvenport’s fey sorceress Meleen. When Meleen was called back to Elvenport to become a co-regent with her brother Bettina gained entry to Visnor- City of the Shunned. She is the only known mortal to ever enter and leave alive. Afterwards she was rumored to become a hermit in the Firefall Mountains.

Klegg, her former friend, captured her and kept her chained on his ship until the adventurers rescued her and drove him off. Later she asked Gronchbag and GFoot both for passage to Elvenport to gain an audience with her former companion Meleen.

While in Elvenport Jorge figured out that Bettina was also not from Midsea. She later accompanied them on forays into the Toppled Temple.

Bettina found out the reason behind Klegg the Clever’s evil behavior after GFoot, Bettina and Jorge captured him and removed his gauntlet.

Bettina had some hard feelings toward Mantu’s actions toward Garga, but GFoot negotiated a truce of sorts.

In the second visit to the Toppled Temple she used her powers with the Conservators of Time to open the door to the chamber holding the lich Agathour. so that off world adventurers could fight him.

She made a time twisted statement to the adventurers that surprised them.

“I’ve met you all before, when we strove against these terrible powers and I must say,,,you were very brave. I hope this time it turns out differently.”

She has sailed on the Ship of Fate, between Inevitability and Possibility, taking Amand the Lucky, Kona the Truth-Seeker, Raymond the Hell-Handed and Sir Gavin of the Talking Sword and Whispering Shield to Visnor- City of the Shunned.

Bettina has been appearing as both older and younger while having either precognition or lack of memory concerning recent events. She did this with GFoot, Sir Gavin, Wythnyr the Elven Ranger and the two Tieflings Fame and Hanz, in an Alternate version of Bex and in Shadow Alley.

Her and Seeress, the mother of Hanz, have a long history. Hanz only knows her as Aunt Bettina and nothing of her doings outside of Bex.

When he was very young Bettina prophesied to him, “You will be the first of your people to set foot North of North.”



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