Axe of the Arghad

Legendary Axe wielded by Sara Redhand and now Kona Truthseeker



In Al Baku a bronze statue of Sara Redhand stands wielding the Axe of the Arghad.. Al Baku hero Garga commissioned this statue as a way to honor the woman who trained her and to commemorate how she led the soldiers of Al Baku to defeat a Hobgoblin Army intent on looting the city.

She left Al Baku over a decade ago on a personal quest involving her magical weapon, The Axe of the Arghad. No one knows what happened to her but the last known ballad celebrated her defeating a Cloud Giant somewhere in Grey Snow Pass.

While her brother Marcus Redhand trained as a Weather Wizard, Sara lived among the Arghad Tribes. Both had fled their ancestral Terravingian Home to escape a plot by their villainous cousin.

While in Arghad Sara found the ancient Axe of the Arghad, an weapon that carried a bond with the wielder to always warn of approaching danger and return to the hand that throws it.

The axe projects a faint chill around it and stays sharp without any need of a whetstone. It was created hundreds of years ago, before any written chronicles. The Arghad people revere it and many competing legends concern a destiny or doom.. Some say the axe was made by the White Duchess herself and she both craves and fears its return.


Axe of the Arghad

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