Ancient Keep of the Crystal Library

Abandoned Feydril Fortress haunted by Arghad Ancestors



The image of this keep came to the adventurers in a vision from the Axe of the Arghad.

They found a Magical Map to Keep of the Crystal Library that points the way to this haunted relic of the Elven Alliance. It was built by the Feydril to protect trade with humans and dwarves against the Orcish Hordes that threatened Midsea during that time. When the Elven Alliance became the Elven Empire the Feydril abandoned this link with the outside world.

Three hundred years later, after the Destruction by the Blind God, it became a refuge for the mage Hồ Xuân who fled from the White Duchess with the Arghad Tribes. She constructed a Crystal Library in this ancient keep that would house knowledge about Cosmic Magic and the White Duchess.


Ancient Keep of the Crystal Library

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