Alexandra the Summoner

Inner Circle Mage from Bex


Alexandra’s father was a cruel yet brilliant Bex alchemist who many suspected had murdered his wife. He raised Alexandra in a large house that doubled as his storefront in the 4th Quintana (one of the five boroughs of Bex). Her harsh childhood’s only joy was her magical experiments in the basement of their home.

One day, when she was a young woman, her father mysteriously disappeared as her mother had years before. It being Bex, the Constables of the 4th Quintana had many suspects but no witnesses. Some thought it was one of her friends like the local tough Klegg the Clever or her quiet and brooding Terravingian boyfriend Marcus Redhand.

Alexandra took over the family Alchemy Shop and quickly made it even more successful. She and her friend Klegg became staunch allies in the notoriously corrupt 4th Quintana neighborhood of Moonshadow. Klegg used Alexandra’s growing magical might to rise fast in his gang; while Alexandra used Klegg’s criminal contacts and roguish skills to become one of the Outer Circle of Mages.

For a while Marcus Redhand helped her against those who would take down the fast-rising upstart. After the young weather wizard destroyed half a city block with lightning he left worried about how her ambitions consumed all around her. His later travels through the Firefall Mountains, Vulcan Valley and the Waste of the White Duchess are the subject of many songs.

From there Alexandra’s powers and influence grew steadily until she applied to be one of the five Inner Circle of Mages. Unfortunately to get enough votes from the thirty members of the Outer Circle of Mages she had to cut Klegg loose. It seemed that Klegg was so effective at helping Alexandra move up he had engendered feelings of resentment for a good size voting block of the Outer Circle.

By cutting Klegg loose from her protection Alexandra obtained the cherished and powerful title of Inner Circle Mage for the 4th Quintana. It wasn’t until years later the off-world Painter-Druid of the Underdark discovered what really happened to her father. Painter found this out when he teamed up with Jorge the Necromancer and Logan the Shadow-Cursed on a mission to Bex for the city of Al Baku.

The off world wizard Turibel is currently employed by Alexandra as her personal sage. In her research Turibel has uncovered the fact that Alexandra is not a wizard but a powerful Warlock whose patron is one of the ancient Chthonic Gods who cursed Midsea five hundred years ago. By having this patron Alexandra is able to enter the cursed areas of Midsea like one of the off-worlders but can only survive for a short time.

In her attempt to try and have Bex break their alliance with the Hobgoblin Hegemon she called for more help from Cedric Coinraker. He sent Kona the Dwarf Paladin and the seasoned human adventurer Sir Gavin via his magic Rings of Interplanar Travel. Cedric also tasked them to collect on money he feels POSCo owes him, exasperating Alexandra to no end.

Alexandra was kidnapped by fellow inner circle mage Levar. The off-world adventurers rescued her and slew Levar, who was in Green Dragon form. She is recovered in the penthouse of her 500 cubit high tower while the adventurers protected her.

Being ambitious and canny Alexandra used the newly created “opening” in the Inner Circle to put Jorge the Necromancer of the up for membership. He passed the Test of Summoning and Controlling in the Conjurers Crypt following the ceremonial cremation of Levar and is now the Fifth Quintana Mage.

Alexandra owns one of the greatest libraries in Midsea. She inherited many of the tomes from the previous Inner Circle mages who lived in the 4th Quintanna tower and she employs two full time librarians to add to its inventory. They are sent worldwide to gather books and scrolls.This collection is over three hundred years old and constantly growing.

There are those in the city who speak, in hushed tones, that Alexandra has become troubled as of late and is often seen with a glass of wine in her hand. Where before she rarely left her Tower she is being spotted more and more in the Moonshadow Quarter either frequenting the Moonshadow Tavern or entering her childhood home at odd hours.


Alexandra the Summoner

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