Al Baku Jetty

Well Run and Popular Port of Al Baku



Run by a fair Harbormaster who sets and collects dock fees and services, the Al Baku Jetty is beloved by honest Sea Captains all though Midsea. Unlike the numerous small quays of Farbank and the chaotic first come, first served berths in Bex, the Jetty is a model of seaside construction and commerce.

The Jetty offers a wave-break, ship repair and security for all who dock there. The cargo is offloaded quickly by a Longshore Association that has a contract with the Harbormaster. Unlike both Bex and Farbank there is little smuggling or theft.

It is regularly patrolled and all Pirated goods are impounded. One of the reason’s for the Hegemon War is Al Baku and the Sarcan Theocracy coming out against both Indentured Servitude and Pirates.

The Offworlders arranged an expansion of these polices with Melissandra , , Mantuand Elvenport by the The Mid-Midsea Free Trade Agreement and the Perfectly Ordinary Shipping Company (POSC0) Charter.

The Offworlder’s rescued the son of the Harbormaster from a Pirate kidnapping. In true POSCo fashion they brought such destruction on the Pirates that both a song, by those in Al Baku and a dirge, by the Pirates, were written.

The Harbormaster, Hal Assam, owes the Offworlders much and always makes sure to personally meet them when they arrive and to see them off when they leave. He oversees the Perfectly Ordinary Shipping Company (POSCo) Charter for Melissandra.


Al Baku Jetty

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