A Dying Sun



The world of Midsea is a bubble rising through an infinite astral ocean. Its livable lands are lit by a Phoenix that circles about a central arctic island. These lands, illuminated by the great firebird, are encircled by cold mountains cast in permanent shadow beyond which cascading waterfalls tumble into the endless dark.

This Phoenix is Midsea’s Sun and its orbit doles out day over this most magical world just like darkness befalls the passing of its presence.

The Phoenix is failing. It’s bright golden glare turned blood red, leaving the world less lit and casting crimson shadows.

Alexandra the Summoner, an Inner Circle Mage of Bex, asks you to find the fabled, Floating Isle where legend says is the Phoenix Nest. Only then may you uncover and correct what is causing Midsea to slide into eternal night!


A Dying Sun

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