Moonshadow Quarter

(in)famous Bex neighborhood



Shielded from the morning sun by the over five hundred foot Fourth Quintana Tower, and blocked by the Gnarl Mountains in the evening, the Moonshadow Quarter has given birth to many mages of great note, like Eva Scrollwriter, Mandrake Sozoman and Alexandra the Summoner.

Many famous establishments find their home in this Fourth Quintana neighborhood of Bex. The Twilight Tavern, a restaurant that is rumored to exist on more than one world, sits just a few streets away from Alchemist Row. This section of the central Bazaar, with it’s exotic aromas and bubbling cauldrons, is home to some of the best potion brewers in the world. At the end of Alchemist Row, overlooking the Bazaar sits the famous Sozoman House, where weekly auctions of rare and magical items draw crowds from all up and the Goblin Coast. The yearly auction of the truly unique artifacts attracts buyers from all of Midsea!

Some of the more infamous locations in the Moonshadow Quarter are Shadow Alley and the Moonshadow Tavern-a local gang hangout. Local Moonshadow folklore contends that Shadow Alley came into existence right when the Shadow-Cursed Eva Scrollwriter vanished over three hundred years ago. This alley is always dark as a moonless night and many who enter never come back.

Because of this mix of lucrative opportunities and dangerous inhabitants only the toughest Bex Constables patrol here. The off-world adventurers have made more than a few forays here and many of the local inhabitants welcome the help.


Moonshadow Quarter

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